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For Over Nine Years Now Mocksville Mobile Homes has Been dedicated to helping people Find Used Mobile Homes For Sale In North and South Carolina. We are A NC Mobile Home Web Based Advertising Business and through our network of investors They Buy and Sell Mobile Homes and in some cases can accept your old home as a trade and Mobile Home Owners are able to list their home for sale here at this site through our Advertisement Consignment services. We also are in touch with many Banks and Dealerships and are able to offer great Deals on Repo Homes and Trades That may come available. We have helped many people find an affordable Home, which meets their Budget (Sale price).

Our website has continued to grow across the internet, and Mocksville Mobile Homes has a Network of Reputable Mobile Home Associates and investors and Dealerships located across North Carolina and South Carolina and other areas as well. This Network enables us to Find Homes in Many different Locations, with many different sizes and price ranges. All of our associates are dedicated to finding homes that are within your budget. If the home you are looking for is not listed on the site, we will make every effort to locate a home for you that meets your needs. Thats What We Do!!

It is important that we keep prices below Retail Market Value To ensure that our customers get the best Value or ($ Bang For Your Buck $). Contact Us Today To See What is On Sale!

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Last Updated on July 21st, 2017 by Admin   |   Visit Us On Facebook, Go Here.

We make Buying a Mobile Home as simple as possible. No Different than Buying a Car. Since our Business is Web Based We have very little overhead and with our Low cost investors, Homes Can Be Purchased at well below Wholesale Market Prices and in turn we pass those savings on to our customers.

There simply is no other Mobile Home Business which can offer the savings we do. We are different (Many Of Our Associates and Investors Work from small offices from their homes) There is very little overhead, which translates into Savings for the Buyer. In most cases, we do not park homes on a lot for viewing..Our Homes remain in the Field (at their current location) for as long as possible. This saves the buyer a ton of money in un-needed moving expenses, due to the fact that we move the home ONLY ONE TIME. From Its Current location to your Lot. When a mobile home is moved to a dealers lot those moving cost are passed on to the buyer which drives the price up. Customers need to know it is well worth the trip in Gas to travel to look at a home in the field, which will cost very little in Gas but Saves Tons in the price of a home. Browse through this site and you will see just how easy it is for you to find Mobile Homes you might be looking for in North Carolina, Mocksville and the surrounding areas known as the triad. If the home you are looking for is not listed here, We Will Find it, Thats What We Do!!

Mobile Home Consignment Mocksville Mobile Homes would like to offer to all Mobile Homes Sellers (Owners) our Advertising Consignment Service. List your home for sale here at this site for Free. We can sell your home at absolutely no cost to you the owner. We can handle Buyers questions, and there are no contracts. If you sell the home before we do simply let us know and you owe us nothing. No Games, No Gimmicks, Just a Great Service. If You are serious about selling your home, then list the home here and put the home in front of our many Potential buyers who are seriously looking for a Mobile Home Today. We are here to make the process a simple one with no hassles for both the owner and buyer. For More Details Call Michael at 336.940.8905

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It is important to us that customers be completely satisfied with their home purchase. It is in most cases one of the largest investments you will make. We currently have a Customer Satisfaction rate over 97% striving hard to maintain that and do more.

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Mocksville Mobile Homes, Web Based Advertisement for Mobile Homes, Mobile Homes Available Across the State Of North Carolina and other Areas.

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