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Why Pay Rent - When You Can Own (Buyers Please Read This Page.
We Realize Not Everyone Can Obtain Traditional Financing. We know good People Do Not Always Have Good Credit. In fact, right now Some Buyers with good credit can not even get a loan. We want To help people Who know The Value Of Owning Make Their Dream Come True. RTO is truly a option for a lot of buyers to be able to own a home. Mocksville Mobile Homes will make every effort to keep your payment within your Budget. Down payments can vary a great deal but can be as low as only $500. And You Pay 0% interest. Simply Make your payments on time every month and at the end if the term, The Home Belongs to you. NC Rent To Own Mobile Homes For Sale. Please Read, More Info: below. Call Michael At 336.492.7178

Offering Mobile Homes For sale From NC and beyond. If You would like to see what may be available for (Rent To own) in NC please Call Us At 336.492.7178

Down payments and monthly payments can vary a great deal, every home stands alone and has its own circumstances. However, we will try very hard to locate a home that meets your budget. Buyers do need to take into consideration some cost factors as far as Moving a Mobile Home. Such as: The Move Itself, Electricity hook-up, Sewer, steps, Skirts, A/C Hook-up, all of which will be an Out-Of-Pocket Expense. Do Not hesitate to call Us if you have any questions. We will be glad to try and help.

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An Affordable Option:

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We make the process as simple as possible. No Different than Buying a Car. Though it may sound funny, we believe in the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. It's a simple statement that's true and it works. We have very little overhead and with our Low cost investors (Through Mocksville Mobile Home Investments) have purchased many homes at well below Wholesale and in turn we pass those savings on to our customers.

It is not difficult to understand why Rent To own has become such a popular option with todays buyers. The market has tightened credit scores and if your credit is not perfect, obtaining a traditional loan will be difficult if not impossible. To make matters even worse, lenders are moving away from even considering Financing a Mobile Home. Of course this leaves buyers with few options. That's where we come in, Mocksville Mobile Homes OF NC will be happy to help you with a Rent To Own home. (Subject To Availability). A Mobile Home is an affordable means to enable a family live in comfort and on a reasonable budget with Low Monthly Payments. They vary a Great deal in Price and Size, But can Average over 1000 Sq. Ft. We make every effort to find homes for sale In NC that meet many different Families needs and Incomes.

Mocksville Mobile Homes Rent To Own. We Are here to answer your questions and help with many ways that others will not. Mocksville Mobile Homes is Owned By Michael Priestley, The For sale Investment Side Of Our Business in NC Will Only affect One thing. That is The Ability To Bring More Affordable Homes To Our customers. We have grown a lot over the last 5 years and would like to thank everyone who has placed their trust with us. It is a Pleasure to serve you. Call Today! and Ask For Michael

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It is important to us that customers be completely satisfied with their home purchase. It is in most cases one of the largest investments you will make. We currently have a Customer Satisfaction rate over 94% striving hard to maintain that and do more. We will make every effort to meet your needs in ways that others will not. PERIOD.

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