Don't Worry About Bad Credit

Many People have bad-credit. But a less than perfect credit history doesn't mean you will not qualify for a Home here at Mocksville Mobile Homes.
We are not a Bank, and offer a non-traditional solution to your financing needs.
If you are considering buying a mobile home you might already know that financing is difficult to obtain when your credit is less than perfect.
We do not do any credit checks and only require that you have 5 good references and be employed at your current job for at least 1 year.
There are forms that you will need to fill out and your payments will be made directly to Mocksville Mobile Homes. Your loan is secured by the home you are buying in the form of a NOTE with a lien on the title that the buyers must agree to and sign.
The title is held by Mocksville Mobile Homes until term is met and payments received in full at which time the title is transferred.
The process is very simple. We make every effort to ensure that a buyer pays as little down as possible, can afford a payment with interest rates sometimes as low as 0 percent and has a term that is not extended out to an unreasonable amount of time.
You can afford a Mobile Home, So stop renting and throwing your money away. Call Today and ask for Michael............

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